My Utopia

I grab my Garmin and tie the laces of my running shoes
It is that time again, to go anywhere that I choose
The sound of my breath and feet pounding on the ground
Honestly, to me is my favorite sound
The road is my calling and no matter how far the distance
My feet hit the pavement and everything else in the world has no existence
The place where I go to clear my head
The place I go when most are still in bed
The beauty of the sunrise is what I see
But, the rush of endorphins is what brings me glee
It is my sport, my practice of fitness, my passion,
It is something I will do for life; it’ll never go out of fashion
In the midst of my run, my head is clear and body numb to the pain
The rush of the high and power it makes me feel is the gain
When I am by myself without any competition
Is when I feel like I am truly on a mission
My running shoes on my feet and body in a sweat is when I feel at my best
Going further, longer and faster is my quest
It may be something that others find as a chore
But to me it is my utopia, my hobby; I’ll run until I can’t anymore
 By, Colleen Fitzgibbons

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