First Triathlon

Today was my FIRST triathlon! And guess what? I LOVED it! It was FUN! 🙂

Before I headed to bed last night I turned on the TV and ironically Finding Nemo was on! Remember in a recent post how I said I’m like Nemo when it comes to swimming, being slightly challenged? Haha That little coincidence didn’t make me feel worse or even nervous, because I remember what Dori said, “Just keep swimming… Just keeping swimming… Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!” 😉

Woke up bright and early – 5:00! Once we got there, there was fog hovering over the water – it was so neat! And made me super excited.

Munroe Falls Metro Park munroe falls tri 2013_fog

I competed in the Munroe Falls Sprint Triathlon (400 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run – which is slightly shorter than a regular sprint tri). I got nervous at first in swim and started to hyperventilate. But, I remembered to relax and focus on my breathing. I swam over top a couple people and ran into some others, but other than that, it was actually pretty fun! I enjoyed the swimming part, surprisingly! I still need to work on my breathing in the water, but not too shabby for my first tri!

out of water

Photo Courtesy of Kim Zepp and Angela Martino

The bike was relatively flat with some rolling hills and I enjoyed that part too!! I did get a cramp on both my sides, but drank lots of my Infinit Nutrition and took deep breaths that by the time I was transitioning to the run they were all gone!


The run was fun – I felt pretty good and holding a pace of about 7:30 minute miles! I probably could have ran faster too, but I didn’t want to bring back those nasty cramps again by breathing any faster.

munroe falls tri 2013 run strong munroe falls tri 2013 run run munroe fallsmunroe falls tri 2013 2nd run munroe falls tri 2013 finish

I finished in 1:19. I didn’t place in my age group or anything, but it was definitely a great first Tri and experience! I can’t wait until my next tri in about three weeks – MiltonMan Sprint Triathlon – this one will be the full sprint distance with a swim of 750 yards, 13 mile bike and 5K run!

Now, for some notes to self for the upcoming tris:

  1. Practice breathing properly in the swim!
  2. Speed up the transition times – took me almost three minutes to transition from swim to bike!
  3. Drink more fluids!!
NLC Team Picture!
NLC Team Picture!

I have to send a special thanks to my coach, Chris Martino owner and coach of New Level Coaching, for preparing me for my first tri! He’s making me faster and stronger with the training he provides me, and the sports massages have helped tremendously too! Also to Infinit Nutrition for the awesomely prepared formula made specifically for me. I can feel the difference in my body when I drink it compared to regular old sports drink. Also to Trek and Eddy’s Bike Shop for my AWESOME bike, Stella. 😉

Also, thank you Angela Martino and Kim Zepp for taking some great pics and for supporting us all! And to the rest of the NLC team that came out to support us as well. And to Blake’s mom, Judy and bother Ian, for getting up early to come out and support Blake and I. 🙂


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