The BEAUTIFUL Image in the Mirror

Here is ANOTHER poem I wrote, this time in college. The previous poem I wrote in high school may have shown me breaking through glass, punching the mirror, a metaphor showing that I broke through my eating disorder and was recovered. While I may have gained weight and was not clinically ill, I was still going through an eating disorder – Orthorexia Nervosa. While it is not mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), it is believed to be a mental disorder by Dr. Steven Bratman. Basically Orthorexia is the fixation on “healthy” eating and exercise, when it is actually obsessive. I won’t go into too much detail in this post, check out the history portion on Wikipedia by clicking here.

Now I finally can accept myself and my body and decided to write a poem about it. So, here it is…

The BEAUTIFUL Image in the Mirror

Hello again, we haven’t seen eye to eye in quite some time…
I normally don’t see your eyes, because I’m too fixated at criticizing the rest
But today, today I can look you in the eye and see the beauty in you without any detest
I can finally look into your eyes and say that I love you, I care about you and YOU are beautiful
You’re completely naked, and I’m not completely disgusted by the view
I can look at you and give you compliments that are way overdue
I love every curve, freckle, every imperfection
I would never want any of it to change, there’s no need for correction
I can finally accept you for who you are
And that I wouldn’t change you, not one bit, I love every single scar
Because you see, you’ve been beautiful all along; I’ve just been so blind
The beauty I was looking for in you, I can finally find
So please forgive me for all the harsh words, criticism and torcher I’ve put you through over the years
I wish I could take back every dispute, dirty look and all of those painful tears
I love you, I mean… I love me
It feels so good to finally be able to say this with glee
I love me, I love me, and I would never ever want to be anyone else not even for one day
I just wish it wouldn’t have taken this long for those terrible feelings I felt about myself to fray
All those years of starvation and self-doubt are finally gone
Now I am happy with whom I am and I’m physically and mentally strong
Now I love ME for who I AM and no matter what I know that I AM beautiful both in and out
Because I truly am and will love me forever beyond any doubt


I edited this a little since I wrote it a few years ago – it was a little more corny than it already is. You’re welcome. 😉


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