Beyond the Image in the Mirror

Here is a poem I wrote back in high school on my struggle with my eating disorder.

Beyond The Image In The Mirror

She’s Feeling weak
She’s feeling tired
Family and friends are concerned
Nobody understands, it all seems to be absurd
They do not know what she goes through everyday
They cannot see what she sees through her blue eyes of tears
They do not know that the reflection in the looking glass is all that she fears
She glares into the mirror, imperfection is all she can see
She’ll just skip a few more meals in order to feel free
Days go by, she’s on a roll
She’s gone without
Yet feels empowered and in control
After a while she becomes more frail
Seeing every bone and her skin so pale
Family and friends comfort and ask her why?
How can you do this? We love you…
We cannot sit here and watch you slowly die
Finally it’s hit her, she’s finally confessed
It’s not just a problem, she’s become overly obsessed
She turns to the mirror
A skeletal, undernourished girl is what she comes to find
She wonders what she was thinking, how could she have been so blind?
One last glance at that perplexed young girl in the mirror
She punches the image, shattering the glass
Without even shedding one tear
She looks at her reflection in a broken piece of glass
And says to herself, “I am free… Free at last…”


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