ALL Women are Beautiful, DAMMIT!

So, this post was inspired by all the annoying memes I see on Facebook that state that one shape of a woman is better, more beautiful than others… Body shaming has gone viral, and it NEEDS to stop. An example is of the one below…

I understand what the creator of this image is trying to do, make curvier, heavier-set, and medium-sized women feel better about their bodies. But, they’re still body shaming. Not all thin women are anorexic, in fact one in 200 American women suffer from this disease. People come in all different shapes and sizes, thin, short, tall, bigger boned, curvy, flat-chest, large chest, medium chest, flat stomach, bulkier stomach… But, making one type of body feel superior to others is not doing any good, in fact it’s JUST as bad!

So, when guys or girls say, “I like a little meat on my girl” or that they like big butts (and they cannot lie), they’re body shaming all the women who do not fit into their ideal. Sure, we all have our preferences, but when you go as far as making it viral and degrade those who don’t stand up to your preference, you’re contributing to body shaming all over the country!

Now,  of course there’s the image of Heidi in the first image, the reality show chick with really low self-esteem and the need to be the center of attention. She’s fake… Boob job, liposuction, nose job, and a whole bunch of plastic surgeries! Now, I’d have to say ALL the bodies on that meme are better than hers, because all the other ones are NATURAL. If you get plastic surgery for the lone reason of improving your appearance, I truly pity you… I don’t envy you because your breasts are large and full or that you have the “perfect” nose, I feel bad for you because YOU gave into society… Our society, the Westernized Culture is what drives young women into the plastic surgeon… It’s so sad that even high school teenagers have had these types of enhancements…

To me, those women who have not altered their bodies with gobs of makeup, fake boobs or noses, who do not go to the tanning beds or glob on the self-tanner are beautiful. I love the image above, however it does lack diversity in color. I love the diversity in body shape, but it would have made even more of a statement if there was a variety of ethnicity.

These images are better as they do have more diversity of shape and color. Not so much the one on the right though…

Check out this video below titled My Body… Finally created by Life and Wellness Couch in NYC, Melissa King. It’s a project where a group of courageous women of all shapes and sizes went in front of the camera to talk about body image. The catch, the women had to wear nothing but a tank top and underwear, no makeup, and could not style their hair.

At the end of the video page, Melissa says this: “We need you. We need each other. The more women who risk being confident in front of the world just as they are helps everyone.”

I also wanted to point out another image that I LOVE. This one is of a brave woman named Stella Boonshoft who posted an image of herself in her bra and panties through social media.

WARNING: Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin. And we all know that only skinny people can show their stomachs and celebrate themselves. Well I’m not going to stand for that. This is my body. Not yours. MINE. Meaning the choices I make about it, are none of your f*cking business. Meaning my size, IS NONE OF YOUR F*CKING BUSINESS.

Click here to read the article on the Huffington Post for Stella’s thoughts on the origins of her body image issues as well as her response to all the comments she received for posting. I’m so proud of this woman’s strength and courage to post an image of herself, an image that is against our cultural ideals of what a woman’s body “SHOULD” look like.

The fact is, there is no ONE way a woman should look, except like HERSELF. My body is like no other woman’s, and neither is yours! I have uneven hips due to my scoliosis,  I have a ton of freckles and moles all over my body, my boobs are uneven, but I still wear a bikini and am working on loving all my imperfections! It’s what makes me ME and unique. Why would any of us want to take that uniqueness away and try to look like all the fakeness we see on TV? Well, let’s stop! Stop body shaming, not only yourself, but others as well!!



1 thought on “ALL Women are Beautiful, DAMMIT!

  1. Just beautiful and truly inspirational. Yes all womyn are Beautiful and the embodyment of the Divine Feminine, no matter what age, who they are or what they look like

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