Just Keep Swimming… Just Keep Swimming….

So, since I’m training for my FIRST sprint triathlon in the spring, I have started doing something that I really haven’t been or ever have… SWIM! There are a few reasons why I didn’t swim. I mean have done so on occasions, but never a planned swim workout. Here are my reasons WHY I didn’t swim before:

1. Fear/Anxiety

Swimming gives me slight anxiety. I’ve had two experiences when I was younger that have made swimming kind of scary for me. I’m sure almost everyone as been in some sort of variety of Geauga Lake’s “The Wave.” If not, you’re luckily you missed out on what could have been a pretty traumatic experience (it was for me anyhow)! Basically, for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, The Wave is a giant pool that goes from shallow to deep and has a machine that creates giant waves. Most people rent a tube to sit on and ride the waves, I, however, wasn’t so lucky to have a tube one time… Once a giant wave came and the pool was filled with people on top of the rather large inflated tubes. I got hit in the head (not too hard) and stuck under NUMEROUS tubes with people on them. I was TERRIFIED! It felt like I was under for minutes with MILLIONS of these evil tubes hovering over me, shielding me from air…

Another time was at a childhood friend’s pool. I was real young and short enough to not be able to touch in a 4 ft. shallow end (HEY, no short jokes!). I had slipped into the water, kicked, whaled my arms about, and gasped for air. My childhood friend’s mother came to the rescue and I probably looked pretty pathetic, but that experience in itself was just terrifying and the mere thought of drowning scares me…

2. “Hi, I’m Nemo!”

So, I’ve never had any swimming lessons, which may have helped me out with number 1’s situations…. I’ve always been embarrassed to enter the swimming lanes, afraid people will judge me for how silly I look. Luckily, my dad taught me a little back in high school, but I still felt awkward. I’m not the fastest swimming either (though I can kick some ass on the kick board!), hence why I call myself Nemo when it comes to swimming. 🙂

3. The Dreaded Suit

Then of course there’s the insecurity of my own body. I am A LOT more confident now – not because I have lost any weight or anything, merely because I am coming to terms with my self. I do still find myself catching a glimpse in the mirror before heading into the pool area at the Rec Center though… So, when I do that I try to compliment myself instead of picking out something negative. And no, I do not make these affirmations to myself aloud…

Facing My Fears

Today was actually my swim test for my triathlon training provided by my coach! Yep, that’s right, I have a coach! 🙂 His name is Chris and is the owner/found of New Level Coaching. My workouts are provided to me from him through a website called Training Peaks. Once I complete the workout I track my progress. Today I completed a test swim workout to assess my ability and help him build my workouts for the month. Tomorrow is my pre-run test and then the actual running test is Thursday, followed by a rest day, 2-hour training class with a 3-mile run afterwards (called a brick), and then my bike test.

I never thought I’d train for an actual triathlon because of my fear/weakness of swimming. But, you want to know what I discovered today? I actually ENJOY swimming! 😀 I’m not going to go as far as I saying I LOVE swimming, but I can definitely see how one could.


1 thought on “Just Keep Swimming… Just Keep Swimming….

  1. I’m in teh same boat as you. My first ever sprint Triathlon is in 2 months, and had to start Swim lessons. Its been just under a month, and I can now swim 25 meters! Its a massive accomplishment for me. I love swimming now, i try to get to the pool everynight to push my self further and further. Good luck! Look forward to hearing how you go 🙂

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