Starting the Movement

I am starting a movement, a movement of body acceptance. Gotta start local! As part of my practicum for my masters in public health program I am putting together a student-run organization at Kent State University based on body acceptance. I have an AWESOME team too! My officers are all super amazing and motivated to begin this movement as well. The name of the organization is the Body Acceptance Movement (BAM).

Our mission statement is “The KSU Body Acceptance Movement (BAM) strives to educate, guide, and support members of the campus community towards a lifestyle of body acceptance through events, advocacy, and awareness.” BAM’s goals are:

– Guide students towards a lifestyle rich with body acceptance and wellness.
– Provide resources and support towards the growth and development of a healthy body image.
– Reduce the stigma that surrounds body image and self-esteem related issues.

When thinking about what I should do for my practicum experience at KSU I got bored with the thought of working at a site. I was planning on starting this student organization just because it is an interest of mine and I think it can bring so much good to the community, but having it as my practicum is even better!

Not only am I putting together this organization, but I am conducting a needs assessment on freshmen at KSU on their body image. The practicum director of the College of Public Health has taken on my idea and offered to help me write a paper and get it published! Not only is he going to be helping me put together the survey and get me the access to freshmen students’ e-mails, but he’s going to provide funds to offer incentives to those who take the survey!! Once we receive the results on the survey I’ll be able to tailor the programs and events we put on through the organization.

This opportunity is amazing and I am SUPER excited to be doing something that I am passionate about and truly affecting the lives of others. I’ll be sure to share updates on the progress of the survey and organization. 🙂


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