Stop Dropping the F-Bomb

Ahh yes, the dreaded F bomb… You’re probably thinking of a different F-word than I am talking about. The F-word that I’m referring to is FAT. We need to stop calling others and ourselves this word. In this post I will discuss the reasons why we should stop calling others and ourselves FAT.

The obvious reasons for not calling others fat is 1.) it’s hurtful, 2.) it can lead to poor self-esteem, and 3.) it’s just down right mean! I am sooooooooooooo sick of hearing people say “She is too fat to wear that,” “EW, why is SHE wearing a bikini! She’s too FAT,” “She/He needs to put some more clothes on, they’re too FAT!” Seriously, when I hear people say these terrible things I cringe… If you see someone who may be a little overweight running, don’t judge them, applaud them for feeling comfortable with themselves and for doing something good for their health! I of course am no angel, as I’ve made these judgments before too. But, I have made a conscious effort to stop using this word to describe others because it’s so hurtful and causes much more damage than good. I feel as though people who do call others fat do so because it makes them feel better about themselves, when in fact it just makes you look/sound like a complete jerk! I know people who feel as though it’s OK to call others fat because they put in on themselves. Sometimes it’s just genetics, we cannot control how we look. Of course being morbidly obese is dangerous towards one’s health and can cause a gamut of adverse health outcomes such as attack disease, stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, just to name a few. But, there is not reason for anyone to judge another based on someone’s weight, height, or shape.

We also need to stop calling ourselves FAT. Especially around the younger generations. If a young girl or boy hears their mother constantly calling herself fat, they too will capture that notion of fatness and target this notion on themselves or others. Also, allowing yourself to say your fat can make others around you feel OK with calling themselves fat too! This just leads to a nonstop circulation of low self-esteem and poor body image! It’s a never ending, vicious cycle! So, let’s refrain ourselves from saying we’re fat, ugly, useless, etc. so we can set up future generations with healthy self-esteem and positive body image!

Did you know there’s an actual week dedicated to this idea of ending fat talk? It’s suitably called Fat Talk Free Week and was started by Tri Delta Founder, Sarah Ida Shaw. According to the Fat Talk Free Week website, “it is an international campaign designed to engage members, campuses and communities in the conversation. Tri Delta is leading the way, taking a stance and declaring that it’s time we take control over our own destinies, our own bodies, and our own inner dialogues.” YOU can join in on the movement by taking three steps to end fat talk EVERYDAY of the year:

Declare – Take the first step to End Fat Talk by taking The Pledge.
Discuss – Talk to your sisters, friends or family about Changing the Conversation.
Donate – Support the cause with a fun eCard and help End Fat Talk.

So, join me in the movement and end fat talk EVERY DAY!


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